Welcome to St Ignatius Catholic School, Cayman Islands

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Student Leadership

Prefects 2017-18


Head Girl: Bianca Meghoo
Head Boy: Brandon Saunders

Deputy Head Girl: Rohanna Finch
Deputy Head Boy: Sean Guitard

Mentoring and homework club [#13]
Head of Mentoring and homework club: Rajiv Jaggernath
Head of Mentoring and homework club: Hannah Wood
Head of Mentoring and homework club: Getta Hoptroff

Prefect: Brady-ann Wilmot
Prefect: Toreandre Thompson
Prefect: Chad Levy
Prefect: Jayda Rae-Smith
Prefect: Dominic Owen
Prefect: Shannon Azavedo
Prefect: Robbie Rutkowski
Prefect: Erickha Bodden
Prefect: Alyssa Cayasso
Prefect: Azuka Obi
Liturgy and service: [#5]
Head of Liturgy and Service: Chezarie Henry
Head of Liturgy and Service: Daniel Jackson
Prefect: Michael Tomlinson
Prefect: Abraham Powery
Prefect: Marcus Bertran

Congratulations to all those who were successful.
Please also feel free to request feedback from
Mrs. Goodwin or Mr Embleton about your application/interview.

Hospitality [#12]
Head of Hospitality/overseeing duties and student council: Tyrese Ebanks
Head of Hospitality/overseeing duties and student council: David Airey-Franco

Prefect: Enya Parchment
Prefect: Jennelle Thomas
Prefect: Giselle Ebanks
Prefect: Joe Jackson
Prefect: Ben Harding
Prefect: Adrian Anglin
Prefect: Vikoriya Bolgova
Prefect: Kris Aleria
Prefect: Ethan Duval
Prefect: Euan Samuel
Charity: [#9]
Head of Charity: Grace Christian-Welcome
Head of Charity: Jayde Solomon
Head of Charity: Tia Richards
Prefect: Deajra Tulluch
Prefect: D’vonte Joseph
Prefect: Sharon Roy
Prefect: Jacob Whewell
Prefect: Marylee Brown
Prefect: Ashley Thompson
Social Secretary [#5]
Head of Social Secretary: Danielle Chambers
Head of Social Secretary: Michael Webb

Prefect: Oliver Bishop
Prefect: Carlton Wright Jr.
Prefect: Miquela Montana

Please note that although you have been assigned to a particular team there will be many occasions where you will be working altogether or helping another team. The above does not indicate the sum total of where your duties will be begin and end.









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