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Year 2 - Year 6


Welcome to St. Ignatius Catholic School. We use the English National Curriculum as our base in the school adapting as necessary to recognise Caymanian and Caribbean Culture and the Catholic Ethos of our school. We follow the Key Stage 2 programme of study which focuses on four core subjects and a number of other non-core subjects.

Religious Education: Spirituality is very much at the core of everything we do at St. Ignatius and is evident throughout the day. We always start with morning prayers; we have prayers before lunch and a going home prayer. All students receive Religious instruction throughout the week and there is a weekly mass that all students attend. Assemblies also cover the religious themes of the week.

Literacy: The pupils from Years 3-6 have a great deal of exposure to a variety of text types where they guided into how to read more deeply into a text and also where they are guided to produce a range of writing texts. The focus is on enjoyment, challenge and self-reflection.

Numeracy: The focus is on number, data handling, applying number skills in problem solving and shape. There is an emphasis on oral work and discussion with students getting opportunities to understand and apply concepts. Mental arithmetic skills play an important role here.

Science: Through various units of study pupils explore and discover the world around them and there is a focus on learning and applying scientific method from an early age. Art: In the first years of primary much of the art work is integrated into the topics covered.

Social Studies: In our study of Geography and History topics there will be a variety of resources from both the Caribbean and the Cayman Islands and those on the English National Curriculum Programme of Study.

Physical Education: Students will have opportunities to encounter a variety of activities including swimming and there is a focus on movement, co-ordination and healthy lifestyles.

Music: Specialist Teachers will provide the Music Programme for all pupils and there will be opportunities to perform throughout the school year. Spanish: Specialist Teachers develop a love and interest in the Spanish language and culture.

Information Technology: In addition to applying their skills and integrating their learning in other subjects, pupils will have the opportunity to learn discrete skills to develop their understanding of technology in their lives and their competences in using this technology to further their learning.

The emphasis is to develop articulate, literate and numerate students who can apply their knowledge, skills and moral principles in a variety of situations and where these pupils become enthusiastic and independent learners who make their classroom, school community and the wider environment a better place. Learning, moral and spiritual development are not limited to the classroom and we wish to provide opportunities throughout all school-related activities for pupils to develop and grow and have fun!


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